The benefits of 3D Rendering

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The benefits of 3D Rendering


Looking to showcase your concept with 3D photo realism?

Communication between designers and clients has always been an important part of the design process. 2D drawings have played this role for a long time. Now, new technologies are being integrated into the process to not only communicate, but also engage clients and customers. Below are our top benefits of using 3D Renders in your fit out proposal:

Faster Decisions
A project rendering can quickly and effectively show project managers and clients alike what different options will look like. This helps to speed up the approval process as both parties have clearer design options and can reach an agreement on the project much quicker and avoid costly and time consuming amends.

Cost Effective
3D renders are great for reducing design costs as the process can involve regular feedback and amends to ensure both parties are happy with the final project specification. It’s also much easier and cheaper to iterate upon 3D renders as opposed to digital photographs. Whilst there are plenty of limitations with Photoshop retouching, 3D renders offer flexibility for more precise and accurate designs.


Improve Communication
Renders gives the client the ability to easily understand the details of a design proposal without the need to read several CAD plans. It can bring clarity and understanding to a project that may otherwise have be too complex. All stakeholders will now have a stunningly designed 3D render that helps communicate the project effectively.

Identify Design Flaws
Clients, contractors and other third parties can identify design flaws before construction thus saving time and money. In addition to this, designers have greater control with 3D renders as unlike digital photos that are unable to convey precise 3D distance information, 3D renders actually provide accurate measurements and distances within the render themselves. Again this precision ensures the client’s specifications are met and any measurement discrepancies can quickly be addressed.

Powerful Presentation
Enhance your proposal with the integration of 3D renders to show how all those finishes, furniture and ideas will come together for that final design scheme. This is perfect for those in the property sector who can use renders for marketing purposes to help prospective homeowners visualise the property in question.

Experiment with Lighting
3D Renders enables all parties to get a better idea of how lighting and light positioning will best work in a space. Designers can experiment with different lighting conditions and options like dimming or brightening lights or even softening shadows; all this helps the client envisage the lighting in a space and ultimately eliminates any uncertainty.

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