Office Design Trends 2019

Designing the perfect Co-working Space
9th January 2019
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21st June 2019

Office Design Trends 2019

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Key Office Trends 2019


The most crucial factors when designing a new office space stems from the initial preparation and nothing is more important than staying up to date with the latest and current office trends.

Here is some insight into what we think will be the top office trends and what to look out for 2019;


 1. User Experience / Experience Spaces

An ‘experience’ driven space is a designated area which is aimed at creating an alternative area in which to relax and recharge which will boosts productivity and develop better overall wellness and happiness. From rock climbing walls to massage therapy rooms, there will be adequate spaces to allow users to take some ‘time off’ to recharge and this will be beneficial not just to the employee but it will cultivate all round happiness.

Experience space


2. Co-working Office Spaces

In the ‘new’ co working spaces, open plan areas are key to allow companies to share the same spaces. These open-format office spaces often share areas whether it be quieter meeting rooms, open office spaces you are after there is a dedicated space for every requirement. Using much less space and for much more footprint.



3. Modern Vintage – Old meets New 

Re-using, Re cycling, Up Cycling! Spaces that balance the rustic-ness of an old building yet keeping the interior spaces modern can cleverly combine features that point to part of a building and its past in a subtle way and the ‘Old meets New’ design feature could include:

  • Antique and weathered textures
  • Smooth and soft textures
  • Modern design accents
  • Modern furniture mixed with vintage pieces



4. Natural Elements – Go Green

Biophillic Design has reached a peak where it is now fashionable to incorporate plants and biophillia into interior design. This could include green walls, plants, trees, flowers etc. Bringing nature into the built environment through the use of textures, patterns, natural lighting, and living plants. Characteristics could include;

  • Living green walls / moss walls
  • Plants and foliage
  • Natural materials –such as wood and stone
  • Natural lighting – windows


5. Colours, Materials, Finishes 

Key colours for 2019 all point in the direction of the natural, earthy, rustic hues of peaches, creams, browns, bronzes, gold’s and terracotta’s. As well as navy blue being a key colour this year.

Pantone colour of the year 2019 is ‘Living Coral’ The Materials very much reflect the natural colour scheme with the use of natural hessian, rattan, wicker, cork and bamboo topping the list of the preferred choice of material to be used this upcoming year, and again this theme runs through to the finishes with the preferred choice to use natural textures and grains.


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