Designing the perfect Co-working Space

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Designing the perfect Co-working Space



“For the first time, people are being placed at the heart of building design, with many older buildings also facing the prospect of having their ‘corporate feel’ stripped out in favour of something more contemporary that revolves around increasingly critical considerations such as wellness and connectivity.”


The rise of co-working and flexible working are affecting the design and layout of many offices, with many traditional offices being given makeovers to reflect current trends in wellness and connectivity. Thanks to an abundance of freelance workers the number of co-working spaces has almost doubled each year since 2006. Designing your co-working work space right is a vital part of starting out . You can give yourself a greater chance of success if you can offer a broad range of space types to attract people with different work space needs.


A good example of a co-working space, The Office Group, Paddington London

 Some of our design tips and solutions for designing a co-working space would include;

Offer plenty of wifi connections , Plan for storage in the design of your space, Create a welcoming/spacious-feeling centre, Get your work space dimensions right, Consideration for furniture needs, Design for good use of natural light in your co-working space, Provide plenty of outlets and the decoration, with the use of colours that can stimulate the mind and increase creativity and boost productivity.


One of the big reasons why freelancers, the self-employed and other work-from-home professionals choose to utilise co-working spaces is the ability to collaborate and have other social interactions with people that would not otherwise be possible from their own home. Co-working office spaces are an ideal option for a wide variety of workers who would otherwise have to work in isolation, and allow people to collaborate and work alongside each other.

However, open plan designs have been shown to sometimes affect productivity, which is often a concern among freelancers. For this reason, intelligent office space planning is needed and a combination layout with different types of areas are often the best solution for co-working spaces, allowing workers to move between collaborative spaces and quiet spaces as they require.

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